Virtual Home Staging

Do you want to sell your house or apartment quickly?

The virtual home staging is the solution to retain to give a twist to your interior. What better way to put all the assets on your side? A pro trick, the virtual home staging? Yes, but above all a matter of common sense and method.

Step 1 > I depersonalize
Step 2 > I repare
Step 3 > I landscape
Step 4 > I decorate
Step 1 > I depersonalize
It is necessary to understand that an interior too busy or too personal leaves no room for the buyer. Impossible for him to project, imagine his furniture, his deco where yours imposes itself as a trophy. In the end, he risks leaving the scene by being a spectator of a story that is not his own. In a nutshell, it's as if you're barring him from entering a house when he decides to go through the door!
Remember that your lifestyle is not that of others. Remove the multifunction parts and go through the time of sale. Do not forget to replace the marked accessories such as toilet flaps, shower curtain, floor mats by « prices » without any particular connotation. The buyer will appreciate and retain the volume of your property instead of making fun of the details of your decoration.
Do you know that a tidy house allows you to see more clearly and above all, to win new m2? This is valid for you, it is valid for the future buyer. A tidy interior space will visually enlarge the volumes and clear the outlook. For the future purchaser, it will inspire a positive and reassuring perception. It is both a method and an art. To get rid of the disorder, we go into battle in one go. This way, you will instantly reap the rewards of your work with immediately visible results. For efficient storage, two actions are required: throw and store.
It is very difficult to know what color to apply on its walls and where to apply it. Even if you are surely very proud of the result, it is a safe bet that it will not taste your buyer. Whatever the nature and qualities of your property, we project ourselves much more easily with neutral colors. So if you have salmon walls in the living room, a red in the room or yellow in the kitchen, do not hesitate, it is necessary to repaint. Bet on white or soft, clear colors that will accentuate the brightness of your walls and enlarge the space.
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To be sure to succeed, follow our professional advice

  • If all of your shelves are full of memories of all kinds, put all this in a "box of memories box" that will take up less space.
  • For CDs, DVDs and video games, the boxes are thrown and stored in files designed for them.
  • For each room, avoid scattering. Bring together household, beauty and care products in cribs, lockers or baskets.
  • For dishes that overflow in the cupboard: you get rid of what you do not use or what is chipped. Same for the dressing room.